Monday, August 26, 2013

HPG warns Turkey: "If you fail to take steps in the peace process, we will reinstate our former war positions"

In a press conference held on August 26, the Kurdish People's Defense Forces (HPG) warned Turkey that they would reinstate their war positions if the Turkish government failed to live up to their responsibilities regarding the current peace process between PKK and Turkey.

(From left to right) HPG Military Council member Gulistan Gulhat, People's Defense Center member Delal Amed, and HPG Military Council member Bawer Dersim. (Photo: Firat News Agency)

Delal Amed, member of the newly reorganized People's Defense Center, said "We clearly state this: Our approach is sincere, we aim for a true solution. Those who don't have a sincere approach to a solution, those who have a flippant attitude toward the Kurdish question and are trying to drop our Leadership [Ocalan] into a void, they will receive the answer they deserve."

This strong warning was issued with a backdrop of newly arrived Kurdish HPG guerrillas from the Dersim [Tunceli] area. "Behind us stands the visual proof that the Turkish Prime Minister's statements [regarding HPG's pullout] does not mirror the truth. These comrades walked for two months, all the way from Dersim," Amed continued.

Delal Amed also said that the Turkish AKP government has not taken any steps other than halt major operations. "Beginning with our pullout, all the [Turkish] bases and outposts in northern Kurdistan [southeastern Turkey] have been reinforced, worn units have been rotated, new outposts have been built, and emphasis has been put on creating new dams and building new military roads."

The dams mentioned by Delal Amed is in reference to a new tactic employed by the Turkish government, which is using these dams to flood mountainous terrain supposedly used by Kurdish fighters. Countless of villages and hamlets have been confiscated, and the civilian populations "relocated" to large Kurdish urban areas, such as Diyarbakir, Hakkari, and Van. The construction of dams and new outposts is seen as major signs of Turkey's noncommittal to the peace process.

The warning comes as Turkey has promised to aid Western powers in the military strike on Syria, which seems to be inevitable. Kurds worry that Turkey will use this opportunity to occupy Kurdish areas in Syria (also called "Rojava" by Kurds), and lend their military aid to Jihadist forces currently fighting the Kurdish YPG.

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