Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Video showing SAA launch of the mystery missile

The following video shows one of the mysterious missiles being launched by SAA from an unknown area. I don't know what time this video was taken, so I can't say from which direction it was launched. But it looks like an industrial area.

The uploader has claimed that this is a chemical weapon missile. I would disagree. First of all, the video shows a lack of excitement and urgency. Too much lounging. Also, the SAA personnel do not have CW protection gear. Not a single one of them.

What it instead looks like is the preparation for the launch of a new weapon system. In this case, both I and other bloggers (first to raise this theory to me was Matthew Asheville) believe that this missile type is a thermobaric bomb. Of the civilians on the improvised launching platform, I believe the guys in the red and the white shirts are the engineers responsible for the launch. The guy in white has probably more authority, but the guy in red deals with the technical issues.

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